Working With Us

Some people come to us with clear objectives and past experience working with designers, engineers and builders.  Others arrive with some ideas for their very first project.  For all of our clients, we begin by asking questions.

Gathering your Data

Together, we talk about how you want to interact with the space and how the design will function to meet your needs – whether it be a place for work, rest, or play.  Through our conversations, we share information with you to help form your expectations about budgets, timelines, and agency approval processes.  We gather data about the existing structure or site so we can identify opportunities and constraints that may affect the design.  For spaces that are used by many – like restaurants, community centers, and offices – we can conduct interviews and host forums to gain feedback and build consensus and excitement.

Designing your Project

With your goals established and parameters identified, we begin to design.  For us, design inspiration comes from many sources.  Yes, each member of our team draws upon his or her education and training.  But we also share from our experiences – traveling throughout the world, living in different cultures, and being passionate about different aspects of design – whether that be sustainability, function, or aesthetics.

Responding to your Feedback

Throughout this process, the design evolves and changes based on feedback from you. We present design options to you in many ways.  Some clients prefer to see 3D models or hand sketches of the potential space.  Others would rather review or have us explain architectural drawings to them.  We also show you samples of materials and color renderings.  Our goal is to help you visualize what the design may look like.

Collaborating with Others

We also present additional information to you that affects the final design. By collaborating with engineers, contractors and other consultants we can provide you with projected budgets and suggest ideas for reducing costs.  We work with local agencies regarding zoning and permitting, and if necessary, submit for variances and present at hearings.

Once your design is finalized and construction drawings are issued, we work with your contractor – answering questions about the design, reviewing shop drawings from fabricators, and resolving issues that may arise during construction.

Throughout the entire process – from our first phone call or meeting to the final inspection of the completed space, we can serve many roles – as a guide, an advocate, a designer, a negotiator.  We work as a resource for you, assisting in realizing your goals for your project.

Peter Margittai drawing at a drafting table