Who We Are

We are people who enjoy working with each other and those we partner with to design and build spaces and places.  We like challenges and strive for great designs that can make our clients happy. We work hard – quietly at our desks or together around the counter, especially on projects that contribute to the reinvention of the Pittsburgh region.  We like learning – from each other, engineers, contractors, industry reps and our clients.  We also enjoy our time working together – laughing at the antics of the office dogs, drinking good coffee while meeting, and celebrating our personal and professional accomplishments together (usually with Prantl’s Burnt Almond Torte and champagne).

Peter Margittai, AIA

As principal of Margittai Architects, Peter is responsible for the design and management of all the firm’s projects. He founded the firm in 2001 with the goal of creating thoughtful and tailored architectural and interior design solutions, in a collaborative studio environment, for his clients. His firm’s work has received numerous awards and acknowledgements, including Pittsburgh Magazine’s Home Renovation of the Year Award, two Preservation Pennsylvania’s Historic Preservation Awards, and AIA Pennsylvania and AIA Pittsburgh Design Awards.

Peter received his Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) and has studied in Rome and at the Ecole D’Art Americaines in Fontainebleau, France. He has also traveled extensively through the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

Peter is active in several local and regional initiatives. He served as the President of Preservation Pittsburgh, is a member of the East Carson Street Local Review Committee and volunteered for the Design Center’s Design Consultants program. Peter also serves as a Board Member and Past President of the College of Arts and Architecture Alumni Society and Past President of the Architecture Alumni Board, both at Penn State University.

Email: peter@margittai.com

Eric Nicklaus

Eric is a Graduate Architect who earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carnegie Mellon University. With decades of experience in the architecture and construction fields, Eric excels at solving and detailing complex architectural challenges. He also offers in-depth experience in documenting existing conditions, conducting building code analyses, and overseeing construction and contract management.

As the firm’s Director of Production, Eric manages the team’s work processes, documentation quality, and schedule adherence.

In his free time, Eric enjoys designing and building intricate structures to display his IPA-of-the-month deliveries and building multi-level dog mansions for his canine roommate “Pickle”.

Email: eric@margittai.com

Sara Evans

Sara is a Graduate Architect who earned her B.S. in Architecture from Kent State University. Sara previously served in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard.

Outside of work and studying for her Architectural Registration Exams, Sara spends her time renovating her home and going on new adventures with her Wife, Emily and their dog, Sierra.

“I love architecture because it affords me the opportunity to design spaces for others to enjoy, create, live, and grow in. I appreciate working at Margittai Architects because the freedom and culture allowed me to fall in love with architecture again. Plus, Sierra comes to work with me every day!”

Email: sara@margittai.com

Kristy Conroy

Kristy attended The Pennsylvania State University, where she studied accounting and finance. Kristy offers experience in the manufacturing, hospitality and non-profit sectors, providing administration and support services.

Joining Margittai Architects in September 2017, Kristy provides administration, financial and marketing support for the office.

A Pittsburgh native who returned to the area in 2016, Kristy enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering in her community.

Email: kristy@margittai.com

Emma Spatig

Emma is a Graduate Architect who earned her B.S. in Architecture from the University of Pittsburgh. During her time at Pitt, she was involved in the Pittsburgh chapter of AIAS where she served as a board member.

Outside of work, Emma enjoys spending time outdoors, playing tennis with friends, and exploring the City of Pittsburgh.

I found a love for architecture through the fundamental idea of designing spaces for others to enjoy. This allows me the freedom to be creative, interact with new people, and learn more about the built environment. At Margittai Architects, I get to explore this passion more every day, and share it with my co-workers, both human and canine!”

Email: emma@margittai.com


Rescued from Humane Animal Rescue by the Margittai Family, Jadie serves as the official greeter and squirrel watcher at Margittai Architects.  She appreciates the design of the office as it allows her to run from the front to the back of the building with her canine buddies, visit her co-workers to beg for treats, take naps under their desks and demand belly rubs.  She also is very experienced at reminding her owner, Peter Margittai, to leave at the end of the day, by nudging him at his work desk until he looks at his watch and realizes that he is late to go home for dinner with his family.

“Woof.” (interpretation: “Squirrel?”)