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Kingfly Spirits

Built in 1907, the 10,000 square foot structure at 2613 Smallman Street was originally used as a horse stable on land leased from the estate of Mary Schenley. Recipient of the 2019 Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Construction Award for Rehabilitation and a 2021 AIA Pennsylvania Merit Award for Architectural Excellence. We worked closely with the general contractor MM Marra Construction, Iams Consulting, and local craftsmen to restore the old horse stable to its former glory. The large bar area downstairs accommodates 100 people, and the former hayloft – now an event space – is designed to accommodate an additional 180 people. During construction, workers unearthed vintage equestrian gear in addition to cobblestones that once paved a narrow alley, which was incorporated into the building as part of an early expansion.

The micro-distillery opened to the public in February 2019. Upon entering the building, patrons are immediately met with the centerpiece of Kingfly Spirits – the 58-gallon copper still. Although the recent building boom in Pittsburgh’s Strip District has drawn developers to demolish historic buildings in favor of newly built, often bland, ground-up structures, Kingfly Spirits unapologetically celebrates itself as a historic artifact from Pittsburgh’s hard-working past.

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Strip District
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