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Brashear Hilltop Community Center

Located at the edge of the Borough of Mount Oliver and the neighborhood of Knoxville, the Brashear Hilltop Community Center will act as a community connector between the commercial district along Brownsville Road and the surrounding neighborhood. The goal of this building is to support the people in the community by locating the Brashear Association, the Birmingham Foundation, Allentown Learning and Engagement Center (ALEC), Lifespan, Neighborhood Employment Center (NEC), and possibly other organizations under one roof.

Inspired by the existing design of the Lifespan building, the rhythm of the facade is repeated along Brownsville Road, while the angled court should create an inviting entrance to the building from the revitalized plaza directly across the street. Just beyond the front doors, visitors can access the NEC Computer Lab, engage in teen activities in the Youth Space, or enjoy the rotating programs that the Pop-Up space has to offer.

The Neighborhood Entrance of the building will be children and family-oriented. The Lower Level of the building will house programs such as ALEC, the Food Pantry, and a double-story Multi-Purpose room that could be used for exercise, play, or community events and meetings. The Neighborhood Entrance opens directly to a Children’s Play area, where the community’s youth can learn from and interact with nature.

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Knoxville / Mount Oliver
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