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Favorite South Side Places and Spaces

Restaurants The Smiling Moose. Carson Street Deli & Craft Beer Bar. Over The Bar Bicycle Cafe. Dish. Pipers’ Pub. Cafè Du Jour. Doublewide Grill. Zenith Tea Room.
Views Riding the Monongahela Incline. Descending the Southside Slopes. The Duquesne Brewery Clock from our conference room window.
Buildings Pittsburgh & Grand Concourse. Oliver Bath House. B.N. Kramer & Co. Building. St. Adelbert’s Convent. 2110 Sarah Street.
Spaces Terminal Way at the River Walk Corporate Centre. The small alleys — nicknamed “Skinny Alley” and “Fat Alley” — connecting 15th, 16th, and 17th Streets. River Trail. Morning Glory Inn’s Courtyard.
Shops Commonwealth Press. Thick Bikes. The Milk Shake Factory. Big Dog Coffee. Dave’s Music Mine. Culture Shop.
Sounds The bells of St. Adalbert’s (every day at noon and six), which is next door to our house. Club Cafè’s live entertainment. Kids playing at Armstrong Playground and South Side Works Fountain.
Walks Down East Carson Street. Along Riverfront Trail. Up into the South Side Slopes.
Places to Relax Big Dog Coffee. Southside Works Fountain. Breathe Yoga Studio. City Books. Our courtyard at home.